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The Skillful Leader III. Strengthening Teacher Evaluation

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The Skillful Leader III. Strengthening Teacher Evaluation

By Platt & Tripp

From the lead authors of The Skillful Leader series, this work, also known as The Skillful Leader III, serves as a how-to handbook to accompany the best selling The Skillful Leader: Confronting Mediocre Teaching, with over 55,000 in circulation. Like its predecessor, the book offers dozens of illustrations, new cases and sample documents plus legal advice to help you confront ineffective instruction. It is a cover-to-cover guide for solving thorny teacher performance problems. A must for administrators and teacher leaders, highlights include how to:

  • Use strategies for early intervention, support and remediation
  • Write a negative evaluation
  • Escalate communication about teacher performance issues
  • Craft high-leverage improvement plans
  • Use student performance measures responsibly


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