2024-2025 AASPA Executive Board Nominations

A Message from the Nominating Committee
Nominations for Region 1 Representative 

Nominations for the AASPA Region 1 Representative position have been re-opened through May 7, 2024. The mission of the Nominations Committee is to solicit candidates for the office of Region 1 Representative. The nominees must currently hold the status as an Active (individual or Institutional Primary) member of AASPA and meet the minimum requirements through the selection rubric.

The nominees from Region 1 must be from: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington & Wyoming.

The Position:

Region 1 Representative: Serves a three-year term as a voting member of the Executive Board assisting in the planning, implementing and evaluation of the policies, goals and activities of the organization while representing the wishes and needs of those in the geographical region.  He/she also serves as a liaison to the various committees.

Screening Criteria for Nominations
Nominees will be evaluated on a numerical scale on the following criteria:

  • Active membership in AASPA
  • Experience on AASPA committees and/or Executive Board
  • Active membership in other associations (holding offices, chairing committees, etc.)
  • Successful experience as a school personnel administrator (minimum of five years preferred)
  • Substantial knowledge of current public school personnel issues and trends
  • Presentations, papers, publications, awards and other recognitions

Nominees for Region Representative must work full-time in the region in which they represent.

Timeline and Process
Only active members of Region 1 can nominate for Region 1 Representative.

Nominations for each office must be received on or before May 7, 2024

Membership Categories – Eligible for Nomination

Individual Active - School personnel whose responsibilities totally or primarily include school and district personnel administration and individuals whose assigned work includes personnel functions in other educational institutions, including university professors. 

Institutional Individual Active Primary and Associate Memberships - For school systems or educational institutions that may elect to obtain multiple memberships.

Region 1 Nominations Form

Election Timeline