Dr. Latanza M. Harrison was recently named Chief Human Resources Officer for Alabaster City Schools, AlabasterAlabama. ACS is a suburban public school district located in South Central Shelby County. ACS is the only public school district in the City of Alabaster. There are five schools in the district with a total of 750 employees and 6,121 students in grades PreK through 12. Latanza served as the Coordinator of Human Resources for Alabaster City Schools since from 2014-2020. In 2013, she joined the ACS family as the Coordinator of Federal Programs serving three elementary schools in the district. Prior to her experience as the Coordinator of Human Resources for Alabaster City Schools, she served in the area of Federal Programs and Human Resources Administration as a Director of Federal Programs and Director of Human Resources. Her role as a Middle School Specialist for the Alabama State Department of Education resulted in technical assistance and professional development training opportunities for school staff and administrators statewide and in establishing the first statewide SREB pilot of MMGM schools. She also served as a middle school assistant principal for five years. 
Latanza received her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Technology from Auburn University. She also has a Master’s in Mathematics Education and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Biology Education.
Latanza has been an active member of AASPA for nine years, serving on the Leon Bradley Scholarship Committee for six years, Nominations committee this year, and has contributed to the field of HR for many years. One such example of this is her participation and completion of the pHCLE certification process as one of the inaugural cohort groups in 2017. As a result, she now advocates for new enrollment by recruiting members in her state-affiliated group. As the Secretary and Treasurer and member of the Executive Board for the Alabama Association of School Personnel Administrators, she provides a wealth of knowledge and guidance to HR professionals statewide through the facilitation and management of an organizational online communication system. Likewise, she provides HR literacy to school personnel association members in the state by planning professional development opportunities for all members and staff. She successfully engages other HR professionals through participation in the Society for Human Resource Management, Alabama Society for Human Resource Management and the Birmingham Society for Human Resource Management organizations annually and monthly. As a result, she has been instrumental in assisting with membership drives by serving as a member of the membership committee since 2014. Latanza has also been an active member of the Lions Club International and Alabaster Lions Club which is involved in projects and activities on a local, national, and international platform.