Shortage to Surplus: 5 Shifts to Address the National Educator Shortage

We know the educator shortage is a national crisis. As a national educational organization, the American Association of School Personnel Administrators has been addressing the issue on multiple fronts by dedicating resources, professional development, advocacy, and data to support our members. In February 2022, we realized it was time to do more.

To promote conversations across traditional silos, AASPA convened PK-20 stakeholders to discuss educator workforce and pipeline shortages at the 2022 National Educator Shortage Summit. The results of this gathering are represented in the National Educator Shortage Summit Whitepaper. 

This white paper moves beyond surface-level responses to examine deeper, systemic issues that contribute to mismatches between educator supply and demand. Five comprehensive shifts are presented in contrast to traditional calls to action. A discussion of each shift contains high-level recommendations, along with examples of actions that different stakeholder groups can take to address the educator shortage.

Representatives from stakeholder organizations, including government, associations, nonprofits, preparation programs, and PK-12 education organizations can use this paper to chart a pathway forward. Ensuring each student has the future they deserve requires disruptive change. It involves redesigning talent systems in education to create workplaces that both attract new people into education and also retain those who want to stay.

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