AASPA Media Toolkit

AASPA is excited to provide access to a wide range of branding elements to promote AASPA and its professional development events. Showcase your affiliation and commitment to AASPA by utilizing our official logos, banners and graphics on your social media platforms, marketing materials and email. Spread the word about our upcoming events and AASPA membership, highlighting the valuable knowledge and networking opportunities they offer. Help amplify our association's mission and inspire others to join our community. Explore our branding toolkit and start sharing the power of AASPA today! 

AASPA Logos 2023 Events

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* Any business wanting to utilize this information should contact sandy@aaspa.org before posting.
**Any vendor, organization, or individual seeking AASPA's endorsement or AASPA’s name and/or logo in marketing, soliciting or advertising products, services, seminars, workshops, or other types of ventures, whether for profit or nonprofit, would present such proposals for approval to the ad hoc committee of the AASPA Executive Board appointed by the President.**