2024 AASPA Best Practices


Published annually, Best Practices explores school districts' “best practices” on one current topic. For 2024, articles will tackle the topic of Teacher Recruitment and Retention—Hiring and Keeping Great Educators

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Rethinking The Student Teaching Experience In San Bernardino City USD "Making Hope Happen For Student Teachers" 

For a school district, there is nothing more important than having high-quality classroom teachers for all students. But equally important is the intentional development of systems designed to attract, hire and retain the high-quality teachers that all students need. Our diverse student population, with regard to socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender identification and academic ability, requires teachers who understand and value this diversity and have a desire to meet the diverse educational needs of their students. These are additional characteristics of high-quality teachers... Read More

Strong Mentor Programs Enhance Recruitment and Retention

Mentors never walk ahead of a teacher; they walk side by side and grow together. Every day a student has an effective teacher in the classroom is a day when learning takes place. Through our Putnam County School District’s Novice Teacher Mentor Program, we are supporting novice teachers (those in their first five years) on their journey of becoming the effective teacher our students deserve... Read More

Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Early Finding from the 2024 National Educator Shortage Summit

This year, we hosted the third annual National Educator Shortage Summit in Phoenix, AZ. More than 300 attendees from PK12 school districts, Education Preparation Programs (EPPs), state departments, state legislatures, professional associations and the US Department of Education gathered to collaborate on solutions to shortages and barriers.... Read More

Winning the Talent War: How Public Schools Can Leverage Instagram

The education landscape is facing a fierce competition for qualified educators. Teacher burnout, stagnant salaries and the allure of alternative careers have created a challenging recruitment environment for public schools. While traditional methods of attracting talent still hold value, human capital leaders must adapt and explore new ways to connect with job seekers. Social media, with its vast user base and potential... Read More

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