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AASPA offers recorded webinars as an additional resource for our members. These webinars align with HCLE standards and are typically eligible for one hour of HRCI/SHRM re-certification. These recordings are free and available to members only.

Note: Not all webinars will qualify for one hour of HRCI/SHRM re-certification.

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Combating the Substitute Shortage: The 3 Pillars of Strategic Substitute Management March 15, 2022 Talent Acquisition and Strategy
K-12 Talent Index Results: What High Performing Districts Do Differently March 8, 2022 Talent Acquisition and Process Management
What Subs are Saying about the Shortage? How Can it Help You? February 24, 2022 Talent Acquisition and Experience Management
Life-Work Balance or Life-Work Integration? Which Works for You? February 23, 2022 Total Rewards and Experience Management
Stop the Revolving Door: Rethinking the Role of Paraeducator February 22, 2022 Talent Acquisition and Strategy
Protecting Your District: Prevention is More than a Background Check: Part I: Exploring the 'Why': Claims, Cases and Missteps February 17, 2022 Talent Acquisition and Risk Management
Take Time for YOU: Mindfulness and Self-Care Strategies for Administrative Teams, Teachers and YOU February 16, 2022 Total Rewards and Experience Management
Breaking Down Educational Equity: How Educators are Implementing Strategies that Work with Communities of Color February 10, 2022 Talent Development and Strategy
The Importance of High Quality Substitute Training December 14, 2021 Process Management and Talent Development
3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Fill Rates November 16, 2021 Strategy and Talent Acquisition
From Surviving to Thriving: Thinking Beyond the Substitute Crisis November 4, 2021 Strategy and Talent Acquisition
Building Out a Teacher Retention Plan. How Successful Pilots Have Scaled to Strengthen Teacher Morale & Retention in Two Districts November 2, 2021 Strategy and Talent Development
Painless HR Contracts that Speed the Hiring Season October 28, 2021 Risk Management and Talent Acquisition
SubTaskForce: Create Yours to Serve Your Needs (Even Recruiting!) September 28, 2021 Process Management and Talent Acquisition
Know your Substitutes: the 2021 Substitute Report September 14, 2021 Selection and Placement and Sourcing and Recruiting
Substitute Teachers: Recruiting and Training for Success July 27, 2021 Talent Acquisition
More Than State Certification: Hiring for High-Quality Virtual Instruction June 29, 2021 Talent Acquisition
Thinking about Starting a Grow Your Own Program? June 17, 2021 Talent Acquisition
Addressing the Teacher Shortage with Human Capital Management June 15, 2021 Strategy
Employee "Mental Health Day" Absences: Who Has Time for That? June 3, 2021 Process Management
Circles of Support May 27, 2021 Talent Development
Rethinking Onboarding May 25, 2021 Talent Development
Virtual Delivery of Special Programs May 18, 2021 Process Management
Why Train Substitute Teachers May 11, 2021 Talent Development
Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement May 6, 2021 Talent Development
District Leadership for Virtual Instruction May 4, 2021 Process Management
Principal Leadership for Virtual Instruction April 29, 2021 Process Management
Advancing Equity In The Meriden Public Schools April 27, 2021 Experience Management
Making Sense of Teaching in the Pandemic April 20, 20212 Process Management
More Power to Recruit, Retain, and Reward Your Underserved Employees April 15, 2021 Talent Acquisition
More than State Certification: Hiring for High-Quality Virtual Instruction April 13, 2021 Process Management
Retention and Performance Management. Ongoing Formative and Summative Feedback for Employees. March 30, 2021 Talent Development
Avoid COVID Summer Slide Virtual Instruction Intervention Program March 25, 2021 Talent Development
Supporting Employee Mental Health: Start the Chat March 16, 2021 Experience Management
Skills Training Qualifies Substitute Teachers to be Successful March 11, 2021 Talent Development
Don’t Forget Subs in Your Workforce Planning March 9, 2021 Talent Acquisition
Retention. Is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side? March 4, 2021 Total Rewards
Allocating Education Relief Funding to Support Student Performance March 2, 2021 Strategy
Equipping Staff for Authentic & Meaningful Engagement w/ Minority Students in both the Virtual Classroom & Traditional Settings February 25, 2021 Talent Development
Video Interviewing Best Practices for Hiring Teachers & Staff February 24, 2021 Talent Acquisition
Recruiting: All the Little Things February 23, 2021 Talent Acquisition
Developing a Customized Internal Sourcing Study with Limited Resources February 22, 2021 Process Management
Improving Substitute Teaching through a District’s SubTaskForce February 11, 2021 Experience Management
Finding Remote Teachers: Expand from a Local to National Candidate Pool February 9, 2021 Talent Acquisition
Teacher Retention: What Can We Expect by the End of SY20-21 & What Can We Do Now to Retain Our Teachers? February 4, 2021 Experience Management
Expanding Your Brand January 27, 2021 Experience Management
Bringing Back the Substitute Teacher: Examining Substitute Teacher Pay and Retention during the Pandemic and Beyond. January 26, 2021 Talent Acquisition
R.A.C.E. (Reflect – Assess – Craft – Execute) to Success January 25, 2021 Strategy
STEPP: Substitute Teacher Education & Preparation Program January 21, 2021 Talent Development
Recruiting Strategies during COVID January 19, 2021 Talent Acquisition
Establishing Equity to Provide Educational Student Achievement Opportunities January 12, 2021 Experience Management
It starts with me!: Building a Positive Culture and Climate by Maximizing My Emotional Intelligence (EQ) December 10, 2020 Experience Management
Research Report Release: TalentIndex for K-12 Education December 1, 2020 Process Management
Increasing Your Instructional Candidate Pool When Competition is High! November 23, 2020 Talent Acquisition
Teacher Internships as a Component of a Viable Teacher Recruitment Pipeline November 17, 2020 Talent Acquisition
Hire Top Talent Using Standards Based Interview Protocols November 10, 2020 Talent Acquisition
Prepare your Substitutes for the Unknown: Training is Key October 29, 2020 Talent Development
District Website: You Best Recruiter for Substitutes . . . OR IS IT? October 22, 2020 Experience Management
Mental Health Supports for Students and Staff Through a Pandemic October 19, 2020 Experience Management
Employee Engagement in a Pandemic September 29, 2020 Total Rewards
Make it Count - Strategies to Help Teachers Transition to Online and Blended Learning September 3, 2020 Talent Development
Culturally Proficient Leadership: A Framework August 25, 2020 Experience Management
Managing Your Emotions During Unprecedented Times August 18, 2020 Strategy

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