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The Marginal Teacher, 3rd Edition

The Marginal Teacher, 3rd Edition

By C. Edward Lawrence, Myra K. Vachon, Donald O. Leake & Brenda H. Leake

This third edition of The Marginal Teacher offers timely solutions to successfully dealing with unproductive teachers. Lawrence illustrates the proper actions that headteachers should integrate into the evaluation processes to successfully gather documentation to help improve or terminate an ineffective teacher.

Complete with tools and resources to streamline the evaluation process, you'll find advice on:

  • Understanding the evaluation process, procedures, policies, and new legislation
  • Handling teacher dismissal
  • Integrating classroom observation techniques
  • Dealing with teacher misconduct
  • Incorporating action steps for conducting the school level dismissal meeting

 Plus, the book includes an updated PC or Mac CD-ROM with customizable forms, checklists, calendars, and teacher dismissal documentation.



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