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The Employer's Legal Handbook, 15th Edition

The Employer's Legal Handbook, 15th Edition

By Fred S. Steingold

Handle employment decisions legally and effectively—whether your workers are on-site or remote

Get the lowdown on wages, hours, employee benefits, workplace safety, and much more in this complete legal guide for business owners and managers.  The Employer's Legal Handbook provides everything you need to know about:

  • hiring
  • antidiscrimination laws
  • terminations and layoffs
  • managing a remote workforce
  • and much more

Avoid legal trouble with this comprehensive guide!

Employment laws change often. Staying on top of them is essential to running an efficient, fair workplace—and heading off expensive lawsuits. Use this must-have desk reference to find answers to workplace questions, quickly and easily.

The Employer's Legal Handbook is the go-to guide for business owners and managers. It covers the most common and current employment law issues you need to know about, including:

  • applications, interviews, and hiring
  • must-have personnel policies
  • wage and hour laws
  • employee discipline and performance reviews
  • health care insurance and other employee benefits
  • employee taxes and payroll
  • family and medical leave
  • employee privacy
  • illegal harassment and discrimination
  • terminations, downsizing, and layoffs.

The 15th edition provides updated 50-state legal information and explains the latest developments in employment law, including the rise of the remote workforce and other issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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