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The Age of Teacher Shortages

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The Age of Teacher Shortages

Ernest J. Zarra III

The Age of Teacher Shortages is a practical look at the reasons for teacher shortages in schools across America, and suggests solutions. These shortages are wide-reaching and becoming more extensive with each passing year. Although the bulk of the teacher shortages are within those which are state-trained and conventionally credentialed, private schools are also reeling under the pressure of insufficient staffing. Is there just a downturn in adults desiring to be in the teaching profession, or are there other elements at work? This book details elements within American culture that are causing teachers to leave the profession early. In addition to this attrition, the reasons less students are enrolling in programs other than traditional teacher education programs are also explored. Regardless the reasons for decreases in enrollment, the effect are negative upon states, school districts, and families across the United States. There are emergency efforts under way to address teacher shortages. Departments of education and local school districts are applying different certification and credentialing strategies to both attract and keep teachers employed. Many wonder what the overall, long-term effects of these new methods of employing teachers will be upon education in America. This book engages these questions, and more. In so doing, it provides a realistic look into the impacts of teacher shortages, alternative certifications, and causes of changes in twenty-first century American culture.


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