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Start. Right. Now. Teach and Lead for Excellence

Start. Right. Now. Teach and Lead for Excellence

By Todd Whitaker

Are you ready to take the first step toward excellence? What does it take to be the very best teacher—or the very best leader? What sets excellent educators apart from their peers? And how can you join their ranks? In their work leading up to Start. Right. Now., Todd Whitaker, Jeff Zoul and Jimmy Casas studied educators from across the nation and discovered four key behaviors of excellence: Excellent leaders and Teachers…

  • Know the Way from their content to best practices, these educators know their stuff
  • Show the Way Casting a bright vision for the future, these educators see possibilities where others see problems
  • Go the Way - Leading by example is a way of life for the very best and
  • Grow Each Day - A focus on personal and professional development helps these educators succeed

Wherever you are on your journey as an educator, choose to become even greater still—our kids are worth it. Start. Right. Now.

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