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Leading Schools in Disruptive Times. How to Survive Hyper-Change

Leading Schools in Disruptive Times. How to Survive Hyper-Change

By Mark White and Dwight L. Carter

Focusing on lessons learned from the disruptions of 2020, including the COVID school closures and the renewed pursuit of social justice, the authors show school leaders how to prepare for and respond to disruptions that are leading to a “new normal.”

Educators are racing to stay ahead of pandemic-scale disruptions and need a blueprint for transformation. This book will walk you through the decision-making process so you’ll be able to transform as a leader to confront the issues you’ll face in the 2020s. Features include:

  • Practical strategies for identifying and responding to disruptions
  • An overview of the CAT framework: coping, adjusting, transforming
  • Real-life stories from exceptional educational leaders
  • Tips on guiding teachers, staff, and students through the many lessons learned during the pandemic
  • Activities, scenarios, and practical actions to lead through complex topics that include remote learning, social justice issues, education reforms, generational differences, and social media issues

The pandemic has been the biggest disruption in school history, and this will be a decade of monumental change for schools. Your stakeholders will look to you to guide them—and this book gives you the tools you need to have the mindset and practical steps to be successful in an ever-changing world.

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