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Educating Immigrant Students in the 21st Century

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Educating Immigrant Students in the 21st Century

By Xue Lan Rong & Judith Preissle

Between 1990 and 2005, the number of immigrants and their children in the United States reached more than 70 million, or more than 20% of the nation's population. Today, educators face significant shifts in the educational landscape. This revised sourcebook supplies educational policy makers and administrators with the information they need to address new challenges in providing children of diverse backgrounds with a quality education.

This new edition of Educating Immigrant Children gives educators contemporary perspectives on immigration by clarifying the current demographic data and its significance for schools. The authors present updated information on the unique needs of immigrant students, including children from the Middle East and students of white non-Hispanic backgrounds and help educators explore evidence-based practices and policies for adapting and improving the learning environment. The second edition examines:

  • Factors that influence linguistic transition and educational achievement
  • Strategies for working with immigrant families
  • Equitable assessment approaches and accountability measures
  • Data-based management methods for informed decision making
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