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Dismissal Doesn't Have to be Difficult

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Dismissal Doesn't Have to be Difficult

By Chet H. Elder

In Dismissal Doesn’t Have to be Difficult, author Chet Elder gives lie to the universal belief that tenure is a firewall of protection for unsatisfactory teachers. Elder provides school administrators with a simple method, called Exit Counseling, to rid their schools of mediocre, marginal and incompetent teachers. He teaches principals how to build a case and document it so tightly that virtually any union challenge will fail. His theory is simple straightforward, clear and concise.

Elder watched and learned a lot about teacher dismissal over the 32 years he spent as an education association UniServ Director in Maryland and Delaware. Having ‘worked the other side’, he shares the techniques, tips and even the traps he learned and used over the years. He has interacted with hundreds of administrators and teachers, he knows both sides’ vulnerable spots, and in Dismissal Doesn’t Have to be Difficult, he shares that knowledge.

In case format, Elder uses his ‘war stories’ to illustrate and confront school reform, incompetence, insubordination, negligence, union secret weapons and tactics, grievance avoidance and bouncing lemons. This book is a user friendly, handy reference every administrator and supervisor should have on hand.

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