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Building Your Building. How to Hire and Keep Great Teachers

Building Your Building. How to Hire and Keep Great Teachers

By Jasmine K. Kuller & Scott A. Cunningham

A growing teacher attrition rate, combined with fewer teachers entering the profession, has created a teacher shortage in many schools. In Building Your Building: How to Hire and Keep Great Teachers, Jasmine K. Kuller and Scott A. Cunningham explore how school leaders can respond to the demand for effective teachers in schools of all levels. They share strategies school administrators can use to ensure they hire–and retain–great teachers.

K–12 school leaders will:

  • Explore the features of effective teachers
  • Learn recruitment and interviewing techniques for hiring the best candidates
  • Understand the most effective ways to support new teachers
  • Learn they the Professional Learning Communities at Work process is the best structure for supporting and keeping staff members
  • Discover why recognition is important and how to recognize teachers
  • Understand why and how they can set up mentoring programs
  • Recognize why adult learning and continued professional development contributes to teacher success
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