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Being an Effective Mentor. How to Help Beginning Teachers Succeed

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Being an Effective Mentor. How to Help Beginning Teachers Succeed

By Kathleen Feeney Jonson

In its second edition: Help mentor your new teachers with this comprehensive and practical guide. Experienced teachers and administrators know how important it is to give beginning teachers the support and advice they need. This incredibly straightforward and useful guide will help mentor teachers to develop effective mentoring strategies, including how to provide direct assistance, demonstration teaching, observation and feedback, informal contact and role modeling.

You’ll also find monthly listings of activities designed to promote interaction between mentors and protégés that correspond to activities and events occurring in a typical school year. Five additional resources, including a first-day checklist, provide valuable information and tools to help you mentor the beginning teacher. 

Principals, staff developers, university supervisors, beginning and experienced teachers will all find this book a useful tool to understanding the complex yet invaluable process of guidance, assistance and support needed to help beginning teachers succeed. 

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