November 2021 pHCLE Virtual Study Group

CGreat teachers and leaders play a critical role in preparing students for success in the future. As Human Capital Leaders, it is our duty to provide every student with equitable access to educators who can help them develop skills to respond to challenges in college, careers, and life.

The Professional Human Capital Leader in Education (pHCLE) certification program is rooted in professional standards that outline the competencies that human capital leaders should master. The HCLE standards, designed specifically for Pre-K–12 education, were informed by feedback from hundreds of educators from across the country, including AASPA and its state affiliates.

The pHCLE Reading Reference Guide is a resource to help you engage in a self-study program for the certification exam. The guide defines key terms and provides links to suggested readings to help you further your learning. Topics are organized by the Human Capital Leaders in Education Professional Standards. This guide is meant to supplement other professional development activities.

pHCLE Reference Guide

AASPA Webinars that support your pHCLE preparation

Updated Articles

Rewards and Recognition in Employee Motivation

Study Group Recordings

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Study Group Slides

November 3rd - Strategic Staffing Slides

November 10th - Talent Management & Development

November 17th - Culture & Total Rewards

November 24th - Performance Excellence

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Study Cards
Quick Start Guide to taking the pHCLE
pHCLE Practice Questions


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