Executive Director, Human Resources - AZ

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Job Title:   Executive Director, Human Resources

School District:  Higley Unified School District

City/State: Gilbert, AZ

Where to Apply:  https://higley.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=3627

Position Open Until:  11/30/2022

Job Description:

The Executive Director of Human Resources works cooperatively with the Superintendent’s Cabinet, Principals, Directors, and key non-school personnel to effectively administer the personnel and payroll programs. The Executive Director serves as the prime personnel advisor and consultant to the Superintendent. The Executive Director has direct oversight of all staffing and employment programs and activities.  The Executive Director provides oversight and direct supervision of the district receptionist. Duties and responsibilities include the following (other duties may be assigned by supervisor):

  • To plan, coordinate, and administer the operation of employment activities in alignment with the strategic plan and to enhance the morale and effectiveness of District personnel and to promote overall efficiency of the school system in order to maximize the educational opportunities available to each child served by the District.
  • To recruit and retain the most qualified and motivated certificated and support personnel available to insure consistently high educational opportunities to each child served by the District.
  • To provide an atmosphere in which personnel employed by the District may excel in their area of expertise, realize their full potential, consider themselves a member of the District “team,” and consider the District a good place to work.
  • To keep the Superintendent, Cabinet and staff apprised of legal requirements pertaining to employment.
  • To provide employment opportunities to all qualified candidates regardless of race, color, or national origin.

PLANNING: In the area of planning, the Director of Human Resources will:

  • Develop and maintain a set of job position guides for each personnel classification in the District and administer a workable system for position guide revision.
  • Remain abreast of content of changes in Federal and State personnel-related regulations.
  • Establish a code of professional work standards for all employees of the District.
  • Develop and maintain a Personnel Development Program which includes, but is not limited to:
  1. In-service and on-the-job training for all employees.
  2. Systems for career-pathing for support and certificated personnel.
  • Develop and maintain a plan for staff utilization which includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Recommendations to the Superintendent concerning utilization of personnel within organizational units.
  2. Scheduling
  3. Workload analysis.
  4. Recommendations to the Superintendent concerning the placement of personnel based upon
  • Develop budgetary projections of personnel needs for the Superintendent.
  • Assist in short- and long-range non-personnel planning activities conducted by the Superintendent.

 PERSONNEL OPERATIONS: In the area of personnel operations, the Executive Director of Human Resources will:

  • Remain abreast of the overall personnel situation in the District.
  • Maintain a professional working rapport with employee associations.
  • Investigate specialized personnel problems, formulate appropriate solutions, coordinate solution procedures with all concerned personnel, follow-up to insure solution.
  • Engage actively in advocating, promoting, and securing the appropriate rights of all employees of the District, including but not limited to:
  1. Administer the grievance system for the District.
  2. Serve as the Due Process Coordinator for the District.
  3. Serve as the “Title IX” decision maker for the District.
  • Enact a viable recruitment program including, but not limited to, development and updating of literature and marketing strategies.
  • Enact a viable selection system including, but not limited to, District, Site, Position, and Personnel orientation.
  • Develop and maintain a system for personnel records for all school employees, in order to provide a comprehensive, efficient, accurate, and current record of all matters pertinent to employment, payroll, transfer, service, retirement, leave, promotion, etc.
  • Update, revise, and interpret written policies and undefined personnel policies and procedures for staff and other interested persons.
  • Administer an employee appraisal system including, but not limited to:
  1. Development and maintenance of a system of evaluation responsive to the needs of the District and acceptable to the employee groups concerned.
  2. Formal record-keeping provisions.
  3. Due process provisions.
  • Manage the District Human Resources department supervise assigned personnel.

 COMPENSATION: In the area of compensation, the Executive Director of Human Resources will:

  • Recommend compensation policy to the Superintendent.
  • Ensure that programs under Payroll including compensation, deductions, leave accrual/balances, garnishments,

ASRS, etc. are implemented in accordance with policy, procedure and best practice and are all aligned with the District mission, vision and strategic plan.

  • Conduct annual regional wage and hour, salary, and benefit package, studies to ascertain comparability of the District compensation package.
  • Recommend to the Superintendent a compensation package for each position in the District, commensurate with the value the position holds, sufficient to attract qualified candidates and to retain valued employees.
  • Administer approved compensation packages and leave programs.

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: In the area of other responsibilities, the Executive Director of Human Resources will over see a continuing personal professional growth program, including but not limited to:

  • formal educational endeavors.
  • other professional training.
  • professional organizations membership.
  • community involvement.
  • “personal” development.
  • Accept all other responsibilities that the Superintendent may direct.