Educators for America Act

Posted By: Kelly Coash-Johnson AASPA Blog,
EDUCATORS for America Act
We are excited to share that AASPA has signed on as a supporting organization of the EDUCATORS for America Act, introduced by Senator Reed of Rhode Island and Representative Adams of North Carolina. This bill was introduced this Thursday. The bill provides significant funding and support for educators to address the workforce shortage. Specifically, the EDUCATORS for America Act calls for:
  • Authorizing $500 million annually for grants to support states in developing and implementing a statewide strategy for meeting their educator workforce needs, including ensuring an inclusive and equitable workforce that supports the recruitment, preparation, and retention of populations that are underrepresented in the field of education, including teachers of color, first-generation college students, and teachers with disabilities.
  • Authorizing $500 million annually to support educator preparation programs and partnerships
  • Streamlining the data and reporting requirements for teacher preparation programs to focus on key measures related to program quality and addressing identified workforce needs.
  • Removing financial barriers to entering the education profession.
Click here to view the full outline of the EDUCATORS for America Act (S. 3360).
We would love to see AASPA Members share this information via email or social media. In addition be looking for ways that you can encourage your own national state leaders to support this important bill in 2022. #ChampionEducators