Chief Financial Officer - Golden, CO

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School District: Jeffco Public Schools
City/State: Golden, CO
Where to Apply: Job ID 8127
Position Open Until: 7/31/2020
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer

Job Description:

The Chief Financial Officer is a member of the Superintendent’s advisory Cabinet team, establishes strategic financial direction for the district, and provides leadership to the Financial Services organization within Jeffco Public Schools.

About The School/Financial Services Department:

Jeffco Public Schools, Colorado's largest K-12 school district, with 85,000 students and approximately 14,000 employees, has provided educational excellence for more than 60 years. Nearly 10 percent of all Colorado K-12 students attend a Jeffco school and our employees benefit from partnerships with experienced, dynamic school leaders throughout our district. Our Jeffco Generations vision document and strategic plan map out with focus and clarity what we expect our schools to accomplish with our graduates. Come join us!

Financial Services is responsible for leading, advising and consulting with the school district, government entities, citizens, and professional organizations on financial issues. Financial services is responsible for conducting school and department audits and insuring compliance with district financial policies and procedures as well as federal, state and local regulations.

Financial services provides administrative support to all departments and schools in regard to their financial needs and consists of the following departments:

  • Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Budget Management including Grants Acquisition and Accounting
  • Internal Audit
  • Payroll, Purchasing
  • Risk Management
  • School Accounting Support Team

Hours/Days Worked:

  • Desired Start Date: 09/01/2020
  • Chief Financial OfficerAnnual Position
  • FLSA: Exempt
  • FTE: 1.00000
  • Hours/Day: 8.000
  • Days/Year: Year Round
  • Salary Plan, Grade, Step: JCA - Administrator - 229 days ,
  • G14, 1Min-Mid Annual Salary Range: $114,983.00 - $146,154.00 Effective as of: 08-16-2019

**Annual salary noted above is based on an 8 hour day and full days worked calendar. Any position that is less than a full FTE/8 hours per day or late start will be prorated accordingly.

Pre-Employment Requirement:

  • The successful new hire or rehired candidate will be responsible to complete and incur the fingerprinting and processing fee of $49.50 through an appropriate fingerprinting vendor and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, within 48 hours of offer acceptance.


Establish strategic direction and provide leadership of the Financial Services organization within Jeffco. Key deliverables include:

  • maintaining a multi-year financial outlook
  • creation of an annual budget
  • maintaining a general ledger and providing financial reporting in accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards and state statutes
  • development of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) detailing the financial status of the district
  • ensure appropriate service delivery and outcomes associated with operational functions including accounting; budgeting; purchasing; disbursements; cash management; risk management; payroll; and financial planning, analysis and reporting.
  • oversee a budget that exceeds $1B and has more than 50 staff in the department

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a member of Superintendent's Cabinet bringing financial understanding and impacts to the strategic and tactical decision-making of this team. Manage all the policies and regulations to ensure Jeffco is fiscally well managed. Attend all Board of Education meetings.
  • Hire, manage, develop and actively lead a team of finance and accounting professionals capable of meeting the required functional responsibilities and effectively meeting the strategic goals of the District.
  • Develop the annual budget, with the director of budget, to align with the District's strategic goals, including establishing the process and timelines, developing the budget request process, and partnering with District committees and community groups to ensure budgetary alignment with the District and Board of Education goals. Includes extensive public engagement to ensure the voice of the public is reflected in the process. Presentations of financial status and budget outlook to the Board of Education throughout the year.
  • Direct and review the administration of financial activities through the staff including:
    • Development and maintenance of a multi-year financial outlook.
    • Assistance to school, department and grant managers in budget development, monitoring and management, including maintenance of financial records and controls.
  • Management of centralized accounting for District financial transactions; maintenance of official accounting records; preparation of annual District financial audit reports (CAFR) and monthly financial reports; tuition-based program fiscal management; charter school funding; processing of purchasing card and petty cash transactions; fixed assets accounting; filing of state reimbursement claims; and monitoring of grants and special revenue funds.
  • Management of cash flow, banking relations, investment of District funds, disbursing of district payments, processing of employer/employee taxes and employee pay withholdings.
  • Implementation of appropriate financial and budgetary controls of public and private resources and management of internal audit.
  • Management of property and liability insurance program management and worker's compensation program support, risk management loss prevention and training and related functions.
  • Facilitate the Financial Oversight Committee comprised of business partners charged with making financial recommendations to the Superintendent and the Board of Education to ensure sound fiscal management in Jeffco. Support the district audit committee in conjunction with Director of Finance.
  • Extensive knowledge of school finance act and other impactful state legislation. Maintain knowledge of current and proposed State and Federal laws governing the control and distribution of the school district finances. Confer with appropriate individuals in legislature and Colorado Department of Education to provide information regarding fiscal impacts and influence outcomes positively where possible.
  • Ensure district funds are invested wisely and cash flow is monitored to support the work of the District.
  • Provide detailed, multi-year financial analysis for labor negotiations and participate as a member of the negotiating team when required.
  • Provide quarterly Board of Education updates on District finances; monitor bond expenditures; and provide information and presentations to the public and community groups on financial matters related to Jeffco.
  • Respond to public information inquiries, Board and Superintendent Correspondence, and Colorado Open Records Act requests.
  • Provide legally required financial data to support District bond elections. Manage issuance of bonds, including preparing offering statements, meeting with rating agencies and working with underwriters to design the issuance model for board approval. Manage investments of bond proceeds within investment and debt policies.
    Other duties as assigned.


  • 10 plus years progressive experience in increasing levels of supervision and management in business, finance or accounting; knowledge of governmental accounting and financial reporting required; executive level experience preferred.

Education and Training:

  • Bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, or accounting; Master's degree, Certified Public Finance Officer or CPA preferred.

Equal Employment Opportunity:

  • The Jefferson County School District does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, pregnancy, or gender.

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