Book Review: "Nine Minutes on Monday"

Posted By: Dr. Amy Dillon AASPA Blog,

"Out of all of the books I have read, Nine Minutes on Monday by James Robbins is the most simple and practical coaching manual on moving from management to leadership that I have found."

As an administrator, I am constantly searching and researching for the latest and greatest advice on becoming a better leader.  James Robbins belief that both low retention and poor performance is based in a lack of employee engagement is laid out in personal stories and anecdotes that are easy to understand and entertaining at the same time. Because leadership is the art of growing people, Robbins suggests that there are nine essential employee needs:  care, recognize, grow, mastery, purpose, autonomy, model, fun, and connect. Robbins asserts that by using engagement drivers that focus on the needs of employees, they will be motivated, inspired and engaged. By using a simple nine-minute template each week, a leader is able to keep the focus on employee needs. There is even a chapter on engaging a remote workforce.

Nine Minutes on Monday is a great read for beginning administrators and front-line supervisors, but also provides a motivational refresher for veteran leaders. I have done book studies using Nine Minutes on Monday with new and returning principals, classified staff supervisors, and graduate students and they have all said the book provides practical tips that can be implemented immediately regarding leading and developing a team.

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