Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction - Flagstaff, AZ

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School District:  Flagstaff Unified School District
  Flagstaff, AZ
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Job Description: 

 The Assistant Superintendent has oversight and responsibility of the curriculum and instruction of the Flagstaff Unified School District. Ensures the district/school educational objectives are aligned to state frameworks and to instructional practices that yield the highest standards of student achievement, instructional excellence, and community support in all subject areas.


A complete application packet includes:

  1. The completed administrative application,
  2. A cover letter highlighting your career objectives and aspirations,
  3. A resume’ including background information, educational experience and achievements, and community and professional involvement,
  4. A copy of the candidate’s Arizona Superintendent's certificate or evidence of how you qualify for the certificate,
  5. Three letters of recommendation written within last 12 months.


  • Valid AZ Department of Education Superintendent Certificate - required upon hire
  • Master’s degree from an accredited college or university - required
    • Emphasis in supervision, educational leadership, educational administration or secondary education - preferred
  • Doctor of Education (EdD) from an accredited college or university - preferred
    • Emphasis in Learning and Organizational Change, Leadership and Learning in Organizations, Curriculum and Instruction, Performance Improvement Leadership - preferred
  • Structured English Immersion (SEI) endorsement, English as a Second Language (ESL), or Bilingual endorsement - required within one year of hire
  • Valid Arizona Department of Public Safety IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card - required upon hire
  • Progressive leadership experience - required
  • Prior experience as a Principal in either a secondary or elementary school - required

Duties and Responsibilities by Area of Supervision  

Curriculum and Instruction - inclusive of the following programs: driver education, summer school, environmental education, distance learning and online education, and college and career readiness.

  1. Responsible for the implementation of curriculum aligned with state frameworks, student, and teacher performance objectives, curriculum standards and proficiencies in all subject areas.
  2. Directs the development, evaluation, and revision of curriculum and instruction and assumes responsibility for the implementation of approved programs. Coordinates and articulates curriculum among and between grades.
  3. Responsible for the formulation, planning, and implementation of the certified staff evaluation program and teacher effectiveness.
  4. Works with administrators in the evaluation of instructional materials, including textbooks, digital resources, library/media materials, and other instructional materials.
  5. Provides leadership in developing plans for instructional research; pilot studies for curriculum, instruction, and technology; and new courses of study.
  6. Provides campus leaders with research-based strategies for improving academic achievement.
  7. Seeks and applies for appropriate competitive grants.
  8. Develops, maintains, and supports a learning structure that integrates curriculum, instruction, and assessment of learning.
  9. Leads the effective and efficient implementation of the educational and instructional programs in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  10. Responsible for the development of the annual goals and action planning for the teaching and learning programs.
  11. Assists in the creation of all reports, records, and other paperwork as required by the State Board of Education, Arizona Board of Education, and the Federal Government, and/or paperwork that may be appropriate to the District’s administration.
  12. Leads appropriate professional meetings.
  13. Establishes and maintains efficient administrative procedures to support the teaching learning functions of the District. Assists principals in the planning and implementation of effective supervisory and evaluative programs.
  14. Manages and oversees the classroom site fund program and structure.
  15. Review and assess district policies, regulations, and practices to align with district values and meet federal and state regulations.

Research and Academic Assessment

  1. Works with Principals and Instructional Specialists to develop plans for assessing and monitoring the progress of all students.
  2. Collaborates with the Director of Research and Assessment on the coordination and articulation of assessment among and between grade levels.
  3. Works collaboratively regarding the collection, review, assessment, and interpretation and use of data to improve student achievement.
  4. Supervises and manages the use of formative assessment practices.
  5. Responsible for assessing results of the programs and addressing areas in need of improvement.

Elementary or Secondary Programs

  1. Provide direct oversight, monitoring, and supervision of all elementary or secondary principals.
  2. Consult with and advise, assist, and direct principals on all matters pertaining to instructional programs and school operations.
  3. Visit and monitor schools regularly.
  4. Evaluate elementary or secondary principals in accordance with state and district procedures.
  5. Establish and maintain a program of articulation and open communication among schools.
  6. Provide a timely response and resolution for parental and community concerns.

Leadership and Administration

  1. Exhibit commitment to continuous improvement.
  2. Encourage and model innovative thinking and risk taking and view problems as learning opportunities.
  3. Remain up-to-date on state mandates and priorities as they relate to assigned responsibilities.
  4. Promote learning and high expectations for students and staff. Anticipate, manage, and resolve conflicts.
  5. Use a variety of communication tools and techniques to exchange information and ideas effectively.
  6. Demonstrate clear and effective writing, speaking, and active listening skills.
  7. Participate in effective budget planning and management.
  8. Prepare and deliver written and oral presentations to the Governing Board, staff, parents, and community groups.
  9. Attend Governing Board meetings, and facilitate meetings with staff and other stakeholders.

Skills and Abilities

  1. Ability to write reports and correspondence consistent with duties of this position.
  2. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in written form using a variety of communication techniques and tools to ensure appropriate flow of information, collaborative efforts and feedback.
  3. Ability to read, analyze, and interpret information.
  4. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions, inquiries, and/or complaints.
  5. Ability to analyze, interpret, and communicate statistical data derived from qualitative and/or quantitative research.
  6. Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.
  7. Ability to react well under pressure, handle and balance multiple demands at one time, work with frequent interruptions, and perform duties and tasks at expected levels of professionalism.
  8. Ability to use independent judgment and demonstrates initiative to act without being asked. Established experience and track record in successfully implementing and coordinating educational programs at either a school or district level.
  9. Established track record in managing excellent teamwork and collaboration skills.

The Flagstaff Unified School District is recognized throughout the Southwest for its progressive educational programs and outstanding faculty.  The district is one of the largest in the United States in geographic area, encompassing 4,450 square miles.  The district offers the cultural stimulation of a cosmopolitan environment within a small city setting.   

The 2021-2022 salary range for the district’s Assistant Superintendent is $111,500 to $129,500, based on a twelve-month contract, consistent with Arizona law.  A comprehensive fringe benefits package is also included.    

Applications will be accepted via the Applicant Online System. Visit Click on Human Resources and Employment Opportunities.    

Out of State Applicants:  FUSD will consider out of state applicants.  However, please attach a current Administrator/Superintendent Certificate and Fingerprint Clearance information for your state, as well as the other documents requested above.  

***Missing documents may result in your application not moving forward in the process.

The qualifications of each candidate will be evaluated by a district screening committee. Finalists selected for interviews will visit the district at their own expense.  

Minority candidates are especially encouraged to apply.