5 Reasons to Automate HR Tasks in 2023

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5 Reasons to Automate HR Tasks in 2023

One thing we’ve learned during our 20+ years of working exclusively with school districts is that HR departments across the nation are exhausted and stretched to the limit – especially in the past few years.

There is a great need to simplify and expedite tasks along what we call “The HR Path”. Your district certainly has processes in place to accomplish each of these activities – but how well are those methods serving you?

Now, more than ever, automating HR is critical to your success as an organization. Here’s why 2023 should be the year you focus on automation!

1. Increased productivity. School district HR Departments are required to deliver high levels of
service to new hires and employees while effectively managing critical administrative tasks – all
with limited resources and human capital. Technology is our time-saving friend! Why shuffle
through endless piles of paper, fillable PDFs and the expense and clunkiness of DocuSign, when
you could automate it all at similar cost? Helpful technology affords you real-time access to
complete AND incomplete documents/tasks at-a-glance – without the delay and errors of mail,
fax, and emails.

2. Say Goodbye to Paper Problems. Gone are the days when there were clerks dedicated to
reviewing paper documents and keying in data all day. Most of us wear multiple hats and simply
want the most efficient way to get our tasks completed. Today’s technology can collect, extract
and format data with a few clicks of a button, which reduces or eliminates manual data entry
and decreases the chance of human error. Illegible writing or missing documents become a
thing of the past and you can save some money (and trees!) by reducing the amount of paper,
ink and copy machine usage your district needs.

3. Leave Compliance Worries Behind. Paperless processes offer structure, security and easier
accessibility and transmission of highly confidential information. HIPAA, EEOC and E-Signature
law compliance are built in and help you handle confidential information with ease.


4. You can take an “App Approach”. You don’t need to pay $1,000,000 for a huge system that
allegedly “does it all” in order to fully automate your processes. Systems integration has never
been easier! The convenience of being able to import and export data between ATS, HRM, E-
Verify, and payroll systems means you can pick and choose which systems make the most sense
for YOUR processes, then connect it all. We call this “The App Approach”. Pick the apps that
work best for your needs – they can all work seamlessly together.

5. It’s affordable! Technology is necessary and it doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive. You are not
too small to be cutting edge or too large to simplify your processes. We know navigating all the
available technology solutions out there isn’t a piece of cake, but affordable automation options
DO exist. With features like $0 migration fees and unlimited access to training and support at no
additional cost, even small systems can afford big time technology.


2023 is the year to maximize your impact and the quality of the work that your HR department is doing! Whether you desperately want to ditch paper for technology, or you simply aren’t getting what you need from your current systems, we’d be honored to talk HR Tech with your district


Roshanna Griffin
Assistant Vice President, Technology
Clear Concepts Consulting Group
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