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Human Resources Administration. A School Based Perspective

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Human Resources Administration. A School Based Perspective

By Richard E. Smith

For principals who will be making human resource decisions which had previously belonged to the district office, this textbook focuses on what school leaders do, not the theoretical base from which they operate.

Like its previous editions, this book provides practical information about how to:

  • recruit, interview, and select prospective teachers 
  • implement staff development programs and assist marginal teachers 
  • supervise, observe, and evaluate teachers to improve student learning 
  • handle employee conflicts 
  • use technology to enhance human resource management 

Case studies, chapter-ending questions, and extended learning activities have been added to help students apply the concepts. A chapter devoted to assisting the Marginal Teacher will help administrators work towards accountability. 

New to this Edition
Each chapter opens with the Interstate School Leaders Licensure (ISLLC) Standards which are covered in that chapter. These standards provide a frame of reference for the growing role of the principal in planning, hiring, staff development, supervision, and other human resource functions. 2004 


  • Introducing Human Resources Administration 
  • Strategic Human Resources Planning 
  • Recruitment 
  • Selection 
  • Orientation and Induction 
  • Supervision and Evaluation 
  • Assisting the Marginal Teacher 
  • Staff Development 
  • Collective Bargaining 
  • Continuity and Legal Issues 
  • Technology and Human Resources 
  • A Glance in the Future of Human Resources 

(Eye On Education, 2005)

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