Middle School Principal

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School District: Kalamazoo Public Schools
City/State: Kalamazoo, MI
Where to Apply: http://www.kalamazoopublicschools.com
Position Open Until: 4/15/2020

*Interested applicants should apply online and attach their application to this posting. 

Job Description

Administers and leads all aspects of the middle school program. Is responsible for leadership in student achievement, safe operations, and staff excellence as well as day-to-day oversight of the school budget, the various components of an effective middle school program including extracurricular and the facility. Provides leadership in the evaluation of the strengths and programmatic needs of the school in relation to local and district goals. Prepares and achieves high standards for quality and excellence. Effectively communicates the school’s program to parents and the local community. Supervises and evaluates staff.


Nurture the dreams of all students and empower all students to contribute to a better world.


  1. Leads the operation of the school in compliance with the Board of Education policy and the direction of the Superintendent.
  2. Leads the school in advancing student achievement, including closing the achievement gap between student learners.
  3. Provides leadership in the assessment of needs of students, staff, and parents and in the development of appropriate educational programs and student activities.
  4. Maintains student conduct, enforces discipline in compliance with district procedures and accords due process to students.
  5. Directs a balanced program of extra-curricular activities; assesses needs for activities; participates in local and state organizations in order to regulate the program.
  6. Supervises the maintenance of accurate records on the progress and attendance of students through report cards and conferences.
  7. Assists in the recruiting, screening, and recommending of qualified candidates for positions on the middle school staff and in the orientation of new personnel.
  8. Plans and administers professional development.
  9. Observes and evaluates the performance of the staff members.
  10. Selects and administers a model for school governance utilizing staff members, parents, and citizens.
  11. Manages the budget allocated to the building.
  12. Collaborates with other departments and schools in areas needed; including transitions.
  13. Leads and implements a plan to foster the theme in the building.
  14. Provides for annual and long-range plans for educational programs, activities, and evaluations as an outgrowth of the school governance concept.
  15. Selects and administers a plan for utilization of volunteers.
  16. Assumes responsibilities for the safety, administration, and maintenance of the school plant.
  17. Prepares and submits requests for purchases and repairs and monitors expenditures. 
  18. Oversees all federal programs and services.
  19. Reports to and keeps the director of secondary education updated and informed.
  20. Performs other tasks as assigned by the director of secondary education. 


  1. Possess a master’s degree in teaching or educational leadership.
  2. Possess a successful work history.
  3. Meet or be willing to meet the State school administrator’s certification or continuing education requirement.
  4. Three (3) years of successful teaching experience or three (3) years of comparable successful experience as it pertains to this position.
  5. Possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
  6. Possess basic computer skills for communication and report writing.
  7. Possess knowledge of or experience with middle school curriculum, data analysis, performance assessment and school improvement planning.
  8. Possess experience in advancing student achievement.
  9. Experience in an urban or diverse setting.


  1. Successful experience as a secondary principal or assistant principal.
  2. Knowledge of Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching.
  3. Successful experience in a diverse urban school district.

Internal candidates should submit a letter of interest and a current resume to the Human Resources Department attention:

Sheila Dorsey-Smith, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Kalamazoo Public Schools
Department of Human Resources
1220 Howard Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008
(269) 337-0178 | FAX (269) 337-0185

Kalamazoo Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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