Chief Human Resource Officer - Greenville, SC

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School District: Greenville County Schools
City/State:  Greenville, SC
Where to Apply:
Position Open Until:  10/15/2021

Job Description: 
This position is responsible for developing the vision, mission, goals and objectives for human resources, in collaboration with other district leaders, to ensure that Greenville County Schools recruits, maintains, develops, recognizes and rewards a high quality workforce that can manage ongoing change successfully while meeting the diverse needs of students, parents, and the community. Under limited supervision, the executive director performs a variety of supervisory and administrative tasks in directing and carrying out the Greenville County Schools’ personnel administrative policies, rules and procedures including a wide variety of human resource programs and activities. The work involves directing the development and/or coordination of programs and policies in such personnel components as recruitment, staffing, operation services, employee relations, and human resources systems.

The Executive Director is responsible for interpreting existing personnel policies and procedures, addressing employee complaints or concerns, and acting as liaison to outside organizations and agencies involved in school personnel matters.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or related field required
  • A minimum of ten (10) years of work experience in human resource management required or an equivalent minimum of district level leadership, and specific Human Resources responsibilities
  • Supervisory experience required;
  • Knowledge of federal and state employment laws and regulations required;
  • Strong and effective verbal and communication skills required;
  • Knowledge and experience in Human Resource systems and processes required;
  • Ability to work with diverse populations and provide support at all levels of the organization required;
  • Certificate in Human Resources (PHR or SPHR) preferred.

Supervises: Director of Professional Employment, Operations Human Resource Manager, Employee Relations Representatives, Manager Human Resource Systems and Processes, Secretary

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serves as the District’s Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Plans and coordinates the selection process for District level Administrators and Principals
  • Ensures programs are in place for selection of teachers and other district personnel
  • Serves on the District Senior Leadership team and emergency response team
  • Provides necessary research for successful wage and salary administration
  • Ensures that appropriate Human Resource systems are in place and utilized to maximize efficiency within the district regarding human resource processes including application systems
  • Participates in the dismissal/employee action process
  • Oversees the employee survey process and use of data to improve retention and employee satisfaction
  • Responds to questionnaires, surveys, and correspondence from research or professional organizations requesting information on the district’s programs, policies, and salary information
  • Support the deputy superintendent and superintendent in overall administrative efforts of the district
  • Plans and directs the district leave policies and return-to-work processes
  • Coordinates the administrative leave process
  • Works closely with Legal Counsel with issues involving human resources
  • Reports issues to the South Carolina Department of Education as required
  • Ensures department compliance with items such as Affirmative Action, unemployment, I-9, background checks, FMLA, personnel files, teacher and administrative contracts, etc.
  • Attends Board meetings and prepares reports for the board directed by the Superintendent
  • Assists in the planning, development, coordination and compliance of all evaluation processes for all work groups
  • Works closely with the finance department in areas of position control, payroll, benefits
  • Guides the EAP (Employee Assistance Program - ESPYR)
  • Stays abreast of current research and best practices in human resource management and development in educational and non-education related settings, and adjusts plans, policies and procedures accordingly; is well-informed regarding current local, state and federal laws regarding human resources management and development; stays abreast of state and federal public policy changes that could impact Greenville County Schools
  • Participates in Greenville area and South Carolina Human Resource organization

Position reports to: Deputy Superintendent
Salary Schedule: Administrative/Supervisory, Grade A (12 months – 245 days)
Report Date: As early as January 2022, preferably before July 1, 2022