Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources - TX

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Job Title: Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

School District: Clear Creek ISD

City/State: League City, TX

Where to Apply:

Position Open Until: Open until filled

Job Description:

Primary Purpose

Direct and manage the district’s personnel functions to ensure quality staffing and effective practices in personnel management; develop and implement human resource programs, policies, and administrative procedures in key areas, including: employee training, recruitment and staffing, and employee communications; serve as internal consultant to the superintendent, assistant superintendents, chief financial officer, principals, and department managers on human resources issues. Actively engage in actions that contribute to the overall mission and strategic plan of Clear Creek ISD.



  • Master’s degree in educational administration, human resources or related field from an accredited college or university
  • Texas mid-management or principal certification

Special Knowledge/Skills

  • Effective communication, public relations, and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of human resources management, including compensation practices, classification, EOC regulations, etc.
  • Knowledge of key personnel functions, such as wage and salary and employee communications programs
  • Knowledge of school employment law and hearing procedures
  • Knowledge of current industry trends and employment legislation and district compliance
  • Ability to interpret policy, procedures, and data
  • Ability to manage budget and personnel
  • Certified T-TESS appraiser

Preferred Experience

  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in human resource
  • Three to 5 years of successful campus/district administrative experience
  • Public education human resources experience
  • Recruiting for professional, certified, and similar positions

Major Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Implement a recruitment and selection process for all employees.
  2. Oversee the district employee application and screening process.
  3. Administer and oversee orientation programs for new employees.
  4. Administer the district employee performance evaluation program and ensure that it is implemented effectively and uniformly.
  5. Administer employment contracts and facilitate the district contract renewal and non-renewal process.
  6. Plan, evaluate, and administer equal employment opportunity provisions and work cooperatively with others to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.
  7. Oversee the necessary processing for issuance and renewal of state certificates and permits.
  8. Assist all departments in identifying staffing needs.
  9. Coordinate employee exit procedures.
  10. Assist in the development and implementation of procedures for administering salary, leaves, and other forms of compensation that effectively support policies adopted by the Board of Trustees.
  11. Develop and implement procedures for the preparation and revision of job descriptions and for the classification of positions in the district compensation plan.
  12. Administer the exempt and nonexempt compensation programs and ensure compliance with federal wage and overtime laws.
  13. Serves as an active member of Clear Creek Independent School District Compensation Committee.
  14. Develop and maintain employee relations programs.
  15. File required governmental reports as necessary and maintain other records, reports, and logs to conform to EEO regulations.
  16. Develop and implement procedures to ensure that employees are informed of personnel policies, procedures, and programs that affect them.
  17. Oversee effective district-wide employee recognition programs.
  18. Assist with the employee complaint and grievance process.
  19. Ensure that the employee handbook is created, updated annually and distributed.
  20. Supervise personnel records management.
  21. Recruit, train and supervise department staff and make sound recommendations relative to personnel placement, assignment, retention, discipline and termination.
  22. Evaluate job performance of department staff to ensure effectiveness.
  23. Serve as a member of the superintendent’s cabinet.
  24. Manage and utilize data effectively for systemic process and program analysis.
  25. Account for the accuracy and verification of all student program data and reports.
  26. Implement data-driven decision making for improvement efforts based on best practices.
  27. Manage and utilize policy effectively for maintaining systemic processes and practices.
  28. Account for the verification of the correct policy regarding all decisions and correspondence.
  29. Implement effective policy-driven decision making.
  30. Evaluate and recommend Board policy and regulation(s).
  31. Investigate and oversee steps to address employee performance concerns.
  32. Terminate employment of non-contract employees after appropriate remedial steps have been provided.
  33. Provide Superintendent recommendation(s) for contracted employees with performance concerns.
  34. Exhibit CCISD Core Values of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
  35. Actively engage in actions that contribute to the overall mission and strategic plan of Clear Creek ISD.
  36. Stay up-to-date professionally through the selection of quality professional learning opportunities for personal growth.
  37. Research district policy, precedent, and current practices prior to taking action.
  38. Participate as an effective team member who contributes to district, department, and content goals.
  39. Demonstrates proficient levels of technology applications.
  40. Participates fully in drills and safety exercises to provide for the safety and overall emotional wellbeing of students.
  41. Utilize time wisely for effective management of job responsibilities.
  42. Maintain punctuality in daily work times, appointments, and meetings.
  43. Meet task completion deadlines established by supervisor.
  44. Maintain friendly customer-service-driven interactions with all stakeholders, students, teachers, administrators, and co-workers.
  45. Work cooperatively with co-workers and supervisors to ensure that the goals of the school/department are met.
  46. Maintain a positive and professional tone in all communication (i.e. email, written, and verbal).
  47. Perform other duties and accept other responsibilities as assigned.

 Working Conditions                                                                       

Mental Demands

Effective verbal and written communication; ability to maintain emotional control under stress of frequent interruptions, decision making, and deadlines

Physical Demands/Environmental Factors

Frequent district-wide travel and occasional statewide travel; prolonged use of computer with repetitive hand movements; occasional prolonged and irregular working hours

Term: 230 days